Tuesday, September 9, 2008

MY Pillow!

Momma-god bought the Punk Pup a huge pillow, since he's getting to be so big. Well, that stupid Punk Pup never laid on it - so I tried it - and I love it!
Now, when I get on there, guess who wants to join me?
Yeah, that stupid Punk Pup!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where'd they go???

Mommy-god and Daddy-god left yesterday with the Punk Pup - and didn't take ME! I cried for hours, and then they come back and they smell like OTHER dogs! And they didn't take ME! I love RIDES! But, I didn't get to go for a ride!
The Punk Pup told me they went for a really long ride and ended up at a park where there were over 100 other golden dogs just like him - and he got to eat CAKE! CAKE that was specially made for doggies! And no one brought me home any! It had something to do with some Golden Rescue that Mommy-god is getting involved in... but I don't care - they could have taken ME for a RIDE and let me eat CAKE!
At least I got a good BELLY RUB last night.
Dumb Punk Pup - thinks he's all that.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Olympic time

I told the Punk Pup it was coming. I'm the only one in this house with four legs that has been around for the Olympics.
Momma-god LOVES the Olympics. She will tell everyone that she is busy, come home and plop down in her chair, turn on the TV and find anything she can that is showing the Olympics. She won't do BELLY RUBS, she won't PLAY, she won't do ANYTHING. We have to just wait for the two weeks to go away, and then she becomes human again!
At least Daddy-god doesn't get so into this Olympic thing, so he will give BELLY RUBS sometimes (I love BELLY RUBS)!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So what?

So what if I like to go OUTSIDE (I love OUTSIDE) and watch over my backyard and lay down and relax? So what if I didn't go PEE (I love to PEE!) right when Daddy-god let me out? So why am I getting in trouble when I do go down the steps and PEE (I love to PEE) when Daddy-god tells me to come in? I have to PEE! And if I don't PEE, and wait to go in the house, I get in more trouble. So, Daddy-god should be happy that I go down and PEE (I love to PEE) before I come inside!
I don't understand Daddy-god sometimes! But, I love him!!!!! Oh well!!! Gotta run and go PEE (I love to PEE!!!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What fun!

Well, I was happy for a little while. Daddy-god took the Punk Pup with him and didn't bring him home!!!! I thought I finally had Daddy-god and Mommy-god all to myself again!!!

Then... the next day Mommy-god brought that Punk Pup home. What a disappointment. And he SMELLED. Horribly - just like the Pokey Place. And he had this big white cone thing that he had to wear around his head. Which meant that I couldn't put him in his place by grabbing his nose!

I had to laugh - he lost his privates! I told him it would happen, but he didn't believe me! Ha! Now he's one of us! Ha!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lucky Punk Pup

Grandma and Grandpa Craig have to come to visit for a while. Grandpa doesn't like me and the Punk Pup. And Grandma says I lick too much. I like LICK - I LOVE LICK - Mommygod and Daddygod taste so good, and I want to show them how much I love them!
At least Grandma plays with the Punk Pup, so I get some small breaks!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Punk Pup is a year old

Well, it wasn't any great thrill for me, but the Punk up turned a whole whopping year old this past Friday.

There was one good thing that happened - we got to eat CAKE and ICE CREAM all weekend. Not as much as I would have liked, but I LIKE CAKE and ICE CREAM!!!! And then we got PIG'S EARS - I LOVE PIG'S EARS!!!!

Mommy-god says we're going to do it again for ME!!! She says I don't have a real Birthday, but since the Punk Pup is just 3 days before hers, I get to pretend my birthday is a few days before Daddy-god's!!!! So I will get more CAKE and ICE CREAM! I LIKE CAKE and ICE CREAM!!!!! I wonder how long it is until the beginning of June? Daddy-god's birthday is June 6th, so I will get my own Birthday around then!

I wonder how old I am? Mommy-god says I'm about 8, and that I'm GROUCHY at the Punk Pup. Well, who wouldn't be GROUCHY around that hyper little happy go-lucky big thing? He won't leave me alone. He follows me everywhere and PEES where I pee! I love to PEE!!!!

Guess it's time to let them know I wanna PEE!!!!!!